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Kelly Shaw, LAc

Kelly Shaw is a licensed acupuncturist who graduated with highest honors from NCNM in 2013.

After years of working in everything from archaeology to construction his deep need to have a more positive impact on the world and his communities resulted in a return to his childhood interests in natural medicine. For Kelly, the highest form of gratitude is to be in service to others, and finding Chinese medicine allowed him to find the most resonate way for him to express his gratitude.

Kelly’s utilizes a holistic approach that first seeks to isolate important factors hampering the vitality of the patient. He acknowledges that dis-ease may enter the body on any level, physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual and that restoring and maintaining vitality also requires working with all of these levels. As an acupuncturist, he works to remove the impediments that prevent one’s natural vitality from restoring itself. This allows for individualized treatments of each patient based on the balance of their needs, the specific ways that their body manifests disease, and how they become vital and alive.

Kelly operates from the fundamental belief that there is no good or bad medicine, only good and bad uses of medicine. As such he honors all forms of medicine and enjoys working with practitioners of all types to benefit his patients.

Clinically, Kelly is known for his success with complex health conditions. He is unique in that he has a clinical focus in treating jaw pain and sleep apnea, while also treating cardiovascular, pulmonary (lung) and neurological conditions. He has vast experience successfully treating musculoskeletal conditions and traumatic injuries.

Kelly is currently in network with most health insurance companies.

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~I was scheduled for lower back surgery in December for a pinched nerve.  To alleviate the excruciating pain which started in my hip and ran down my leg, I was taking one Aleve at night and two Aleve first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.  I then sat on the couch for 30 minutes before starting my day to calm the nerve else I would experience the pain.
Not warming to the idea of surgery I opted to try acupuncture and was referred to Tabor View.  Best decision I ever made!!  My first session with Kelly Shaw had him manipulating/massaging my back as well as acupuncture. He indicated it appeared to him to be a soft tissue issue surrounding my nerve.  Several spots he touched were very sensitive (it was like having the dentist hit a nerve!).  On my second session, Kelly did the same thing but the pain was much less, almost like touching a bruise.  At the end of the second session Kelly showed me some stretching exercises to do in the morning and suggested I try eliminating the morning Aleves.  Whatever he did worked!!  I was able to start my daily walks and some exercise!  I cancelled my surgery and no longer need Aleve to get through the day. I had two more sessions with Kelly and am feeling great.  He truly saved me.  Thank you again Kelly for ‘fixing’ me!!!


Every session from Kelly Shaw has been extremely beneficial. He incorporates his knowledge with great listening skills and an obvious love for medicine. He sense of humor is refreshing! I also appreciate the occasional ”history lesson” about Chinese medicine. I have come away from every session feeling understood and well cared about – Thanks!